Introduction to Oceanography - OCS 1005

The oceans cover 75% of the surface of the Earth. If we were to invert our view of the Earth and represent the oceans as land, we can see just how vast and amazing the oceans are.


This is an introductory general education course for non-majors.  This course provides an overview of the major concepts in physical, chemical, geological, and biological oceanography. 


Malinda Sutor teaches an online section of this course.

Zooplankton Ecology and Physiology

This course provides an overview to the ecology and physiology of microzooplankton, mesozooplankton, and ichthyoplankton.  Topics also include field and laboratory techniques and the theory and practical use of instrumentation.  Through this course, students will receive a solid background in zooplankton ecology and be familiar with an array of laboratory and field methods.


This course has been taught as a graduate seminar and is being reviewed as a regular course at the 4000/7000 level, upper level undergraduate and graduate credit course.