Tiger Challenge Camp 2015

 The weekly focus was natural disasters for Tiger Challenge Camp for 5th and 6th graders, held at the Louisiana State University Laboratory School. While the Deepwater Horizon oil spill was a human caused disaster, the camp participants got to see firsthand the types of work scientist do to look for ecological changes after a disaster on their visit to Dr. Sutor's LSU Plankton Ecology Lab. They were able to view real plankton through a microscope and learn how the plankton are captured in the field with nets. They also got to view some of the amazing deep sea creatures in the Gulf of Mexico in 3D videos that Dr. Benfield has collected through his Gulf SERPENT program.

Thank you to the LSU staff and camp director Glenn Blakenship for bringing the future marine scientists to our lab.

You can learn more about Tiger Challenge Camp and the international SERPENT program at the following links:

Tiger Challenge Camp


Lindsaya.jpgAbove: Student Lab worker, Lindsay Mullen, shows what she sees as a plankton sorter through the microscope.

Alvaro75.jpgAbove: Lab manager, Alvaro Armas, explains how the plankton are caught.