Natalie Martin, one of our student workers entering her junior year here at LSU had the opportunity this summer to work in the Botany and Natural Areas department at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. This internship consisted mainly of traveling to different habitats in various parts of north east Ohio and Pennsylvania. Some habitats were visted just to check up on some rare species and see how they were doing, others were to map out what was there before pipelines were placed. She also helped conduct something called a VIBI or vegetative index for biotic integrity. It is a method of rating for wetlands made by the EPA that involves different plots within an area where you identify all of the plants and rank their abundance. At the end you are given a score that gives a general idea for the quality of the wetland. 

The photos below show some of the areas that she visited and did her research on over the summer. The second photo shows Dr. Jim Bissel in Eastern Pennsylvania marking down a rare plant to confirm an old record of its presence there.