Ocean Commotion 2015 was fun, colorful, and interactive! It was a wonderful collaboration between three Plankton Laboratories: Dr. Malinda Sutor, Dr. Mark Benfield, and Dr. Sibel Bargu. Thank you to everyone for another great year. Here are some of the Highlights!

1_SG_Grouppic_enhancedwarm.jpgPlankton Labs group photo. Photo credit: Sue Garner.

2CircleCollageBlack.jpgPlankton Labs and friends pose on the new plankton cutouts! Photo credit: Sue Garner.

3House_resize.jpgThe "Plankton House" was an interactive hit! Created by Amy Mallozzi from Dr. Sibel Bargu's lab.

5Micro_focused.jpg"That's a fish!" The microscopes are one of the intrigues! 

7StephAna_Enhanced.jpgSutor Lab Research Associate, Stephanie Gil, and helper Anamaria Armas awaiting the inquiring students.

8Tom_edited.jpgSutor Lab Research Associate, Tom Aepelbacher, ready to teach the student how we collect plankton.

9_3DDeepsea_edited.jpgThe 3D television from Dr. Mark Benfield's lab is an excited way view the deep-sea creatures!