About an hour from the most southern point in Africa sits the small fishing town of Gansbaai, South Africa. People travel from all over the globe to this spot for one reason, to see the Great White Sharks. Gansbaai is home to the famous Shark Alley where marine biolgists flock to study the unique ecosystem there. Properly named the Great White Shark capital of the world, and location of dozens of shark week episodes it is home to many cage diving companies that take tourists out daily to catch a glimse at the world famous sharks.

Over this past summer two of our student workers, Natalie Martin and Megan Levine volunteered with one of the ecotourism companies there, Marine Dyanamics. Marine Dynamics is unique in Gansbaai for the amount of research that they have conducted in the area on the sharks there. They go out on daily cage diving trips and take data on the sharks in the area on each trip, saving a tremedous amount of money on research costs. Natalie and Megan had the incredible experience of working on the boat every day helping take data and educate the clients on the importance of Great Whites in the area. They also had the opportunity of working with Marine Dynamics two sister companies, the Dyer Island Cruises which works with the whales and dolphins in the area and the African Seabird and Penguin Sanctuary.