Alvaro Graduates from LEAD...Emerge program


Armas_Alvaro2_resize.jpgCongratulations to Alvaro Armas for his participation in the LEAD...Emerge program at LSU. 

Lead…Emerge is LSU’s leadership development program for new supervisors, candidates for promotion to a supervisory position, and current supervisors desiring professional and personal development. The program focuses on building and enhancing leadership skills which support the University’s strategic objectives (Flagship Agenda). Using self-awareness as a catalyst for professional improvement, the program incorporates a combination of individual and group experiential exercises to further build participants’ competencies.

Alvaro had this to say about the program. "LEAD Emerge has been a toolbox full of ideas, methodologies, experiences, but overall camaraderie and friendship. Through the various courses, I have learned not only to understand my management and leadership styles, but also a great deal about understanding those who work with me on an individual basis."